Various software

This page is devoted to various software that you might like to download. Some, I made myself, others, I pinched here and there. To the best of my knowledge, its all freeware.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility whatsoever for the software available here. Any damages including, but not limited to, infringement aof copyright, virus infection, damage to your computer or files. That said, the programs are tested and firmly believed to be harmless, and, as stated, freeware.

Now for the downloads:

First, a couple of my own attempts at fractal programs. Lets start with the mother of all fractals, the Mandelbrot set. There are prettier and faster Mandelbrot programs around, but this one has exceptional precision: 80bits.

Download (45kb)

Or how about this one? Inspired by an article in a magazine, it makes nice patterns on your screen. Only some of them are fractals though:

Download (50kb)

Now, a couple of character-based screens, heheh. My own version of the venerated fortune program. The fortunes are in a text file, so you can edit it or add your own:

Download (257kb)

As venerated is the Life program. That didnt keep me from making my own version. This one has genetic development:

Download (28kb)

OK, this is a weird one: A very primitive game. Only sophistication is a path-finder algorithm. Try and save the chicken from the fox, but beware: The fox never gets lost!

Download (40kb)

Now for some I pinched

Badday temporarily turns your screen upside down. Sneak it into somebody's start up folder and watch, heheh.

Its so small I didnt even bother to zip it: Download badday.exe (5kb)


Put faces on fruits (there is no potato, so dont ask me why its called potato):

Download (339kb)