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This is a collection of photos from various sources. There may be original copyrights on several of them, so watch what you use them for. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size picture.

WWII pictures

Collision.jpg (66107 bytes)

Collision between two B17s over Turleigh Airfield after returning from OPS. October 22 1944. There were no survivors.

Flames.jpg (108598 bytes)

B-17F going down in flames after direct flak hit.

Skinned.jpg (83180 bytes)

Wellingtons operated throughout the war. Despite rather outdated, it was generally popular among crew, partly because of its ability to keep flying despite heavy damage. This one suffered a direct hit by flak approaching Duisburg on 8/9 April, but proceded to the target, bombed, and returned to land at West Malling. It was repaired and continued flying.

Flowers.jpg (122480 bytes)

Wellington MF139:K of No 37 Squadron, with spring flowers around Ju 88 wreckage left by the former occupants of Tortorella. This "Wimpey" was lost on a raid to Brod Bosansky on July 15 1944.

And in a less serious vein:

dcmodxxx.jpg (56576 bytes)  Tmp3.jpg (24512 bytes)

First, a close-up of the so-called 'Depth Charge Modification XXX', to enable the Spitfire to transport a pair of containers with a beverage in great demand in Normandy. The Spitfire was not cleared for the full range of combat maneuvres while operating in this configuration. And a picture of the plane in flight